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Beginning in 2016, this 3-year long journey began as a personal project to compile, transcribe and edit the complete ragtime works for piano of American composer and pianist: Glenn Jenks (1947-2016). Not realizing the magnitude of archival material by this great musician, the folio grew into a 300-page compilation with a Foreword by legendary composer and pianist Max Morath, personal stories by those to whom Jenks had dedicated rags, and a remarkable collection of nearly 40 masterworks for keyboard: One-Steps, Two-Steps, Classic Rags, Cake Walks, Novelties, Tangos, Waltzes, etc. Morath received the Glenn Jenks Lifetime Achievement Award in 2023. 
During the compilation process, an idea began to take hold with Robinson to resurrect the Ragtime Revues that Jenks himself once produced and hosted on stage at the Camden Opera House in Camden, Maine back in the 1990s to sold out audiences. But this time – in honor of his colleague and friend – rename the Revue: The Glenn Jenks Ragtime Revue. Almost 30 years to the day (October 12, 1989 – October 5, 2019) from when Jenks himself launched his very first Harvest Ragtime Revue, Robinson premiered his Revue to a sold out audience in the same Opera House to benefit the Glenn Jenks “Future in Music” Musical Scholarship through the Bay Chamber School of Music Prize Program.
Today, the Glenn Jenks Ragtime Revue holds its annual event in various locations throughout the Midcoast area of Maine. Bringing together today’s most talented and influential musicians in the world of ragtime and early jazz, the Ragtime Revue recognizes both upcoming musical talents with musical scholarships and those who have devoted their lives to the art of Ragtime. 
Recipients of the Glenn Jenks Ragtime Emeritus Award have been pianist Sue Keller (2019) and author and music historian Dr. Edward A. Berlin (2023). Fiddler Owen Kennedy (2019) and violinist Mavy Le (2023) received the Glenn Jenks “Future in Music” Award. 
American pianist Corte Swearingen is currently recording THE COMPLETE RAGTIME WORKS FOR PIANO BY GLENN JENKS. Volume I is due to be released at the end of 2023. 
If you would like to purchase a downloadable copy of the COMPLETE RAGTIME WORKS OF GLENN JENKS – please visit the SHEET MUSIC section on this website. Also, visit us on Facebook and YouTube!
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