La Belle Epoque

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NEWLY RELEASED! From the Album “La Belle Epoque – Musical Moments in Maine” comes the complete compilation of transcribed works for piano. The piano music of Aaron Robinson draws upon 20 years of inspiration and creativity ranging from the Broadway Stage to the Silver Screen. Now available for the first time in print, these piano vignettes pay homage to the music of Vince Guaraldi, Dave Grusin, Paul Sullivan, and celebrates legendary masters such as Jelly Roll Morton and George Gershwin – all the while maintaining their unique distinctive voice. Belle Epoque (Age of Beauty) encompasses all forms of musical genre including early Jazz and Ragtime, Swing and Stride piano, Classical Vocalise and Minimal, Nightclub and Cinema. Dedicated to friends and colleagues who inspired their creation, each piano piece provides a small glimpse into the vast world from which they were created.

Obtain a copy at the SHEET MUSIC page. 

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